Diese CD enthält neu eingespielte Versionen von Jochen Hippels Spielesoundtracks. Verwendet wurde u.a. folgendes Midi-Equipment:

  • Kawai GMega

  • Quasimidi Quasar

  • Alesis D-4

Der Verkauf erfolgt auf CD-R mit Zustimmung des Musikers Mike Weling (seVeneleVen).

"Note: It seems I got the first release of this CD as there are ten tracks on it when the internet page lists twelve.

From 1994 to 1998, Mike Weling made various covers of game tunes composed by Jochen Hippel using MIDI equipment (a software sequencer, an expander and a drum machine). In 2001 he released a CD(-R) with those through 'The Thalion Source' website.

Those tracks definitely sound like typical MIDI covers, no big surprise about the instruments used and about the arrangements. Anyway these are still enjoyable as is. The most improved cover is the Amberstar - Game Over tune which starts as a nice piano arrangement. Along those covers come three personal compositions by Mike Weling. The first one is a (typicaly German sounding) dance tune, the second one is a relaxing piece and the last one is a slow mellow tune."

(Dma-Sc / Alive 8 / 01.02.2004)


1. Australian Pioneers 6:17
2. Amberstar Medley 5:52
3. Ghost Battle - Game Over 4:32
4. The Seven Gates of Jambala - Title 3:06
5. The Seven Gates of Jambala - Game Over 4:17
6. Lethal Xcess - Title 9:05
7. Lethal Xcess - Level 4 4:59
8. Rings of Medusa 7:36
9. Warp 6:00
10. Chambers of Shaolin 6:00
(komponiert von Mike Weling (seVeneleVen))
11. Dream Dimension 95er Maximix 6:43
12. Sonnenaufgang 4:48
13. Wings of Love 5:16


Jochen Hippel remixed
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