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Karlskoga Symfoniorkester och DJ ACC:Xess


Samstag, 20. Oktober 2012 15:00 Uhr
Bregårdsskolans Aula, Karlavägen 10, 69141 Karlskoga, Schweden


ACC:Xess - Karlskoga Symfoniorkester - Kulturskolans Ungdomssinfoniettan - Karlskoga Paradorkester


"The project started about two years ago when my friend Linnéa Carell complained that the local orchestra was a bit bored with playing 'classical' music. So I suggested: 'Why don't you play old computer tunes?'

She knew nothing about chip music, so we met up at my place and spent an evening listening to chip music - she was very impressed. We went to the orchestra with some of my remixes and asked if they were willing to play something like that. They responded that they indeed wanted to play computer game music. We showed them a bit of the work by 'C64 Orchestra' and they were hooked. But since C64 tunes have been done before (as well as a lot of Nintendo tunes) and the fact that I love Atari chip music, we decided to go for Atari and especially Jochen Hippel.

So Linnéa started making arrangements for orchestra based on my remixes. We then decided to take it one step further and I came to be part of the performance on stage playing synth and drum machines. Since we wanted a bit of contrast we also decided to play modern game music like 'World of Warcraft', 'Starwars' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Because arrangements for those tunes were already available, my part was limited to control the video effects." ACC:Xess


  Titel Aufführung
1. Pirates of the Caribbean Orchester
2. Amberstar - City walk (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
3. Ooh crikey wot a scorcher - There aren't any sheep in outer Mongolia (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
4. Assassins Creed Orchester
5. Lethal Xcess - Level 1 (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
6. The seven gates of Jambala - Level 11 (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
7. Star Wars Episode III Orchester
8. World of Warcraft Orchester
9. Synergy Megademo - Odyssey (Joris de Man) Orchester & Computer
10. A prehistoric tale - Title (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
11. Intro maintheme - karlsborgs fästning Orchester
12. Cuddly Demos - Main menu (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer
13. Harry Potter - Highlights Orchester
14. Astaroth - Game over (Jochen Hippel) Orchester & Computer



Audio/ Video

Toningenieurin Linnéa Carell hat den Ton vom L-R Ausgang des Mischpults abgenommen und mit den Signalen des X/Y-Systems gemischt. Ein Mastering wurde nicht vorgenommen.


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  • Inhalt
    • Amberstar - City walk
    • Lethal Xcess - Level 1
    • Synergy Megademo - Odyssey
    • A prehistoric tale - Title
    • Cuddly Demos - Main menu
    • Astaroth - Game over
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  • DVD Video
    • PAL
    • Regioncode 0 (All)
    • Dolby Digital
    • 16:9

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  1. Pirates of the Caribbean - Medley
  2. Amberstar - City walk
  3. Lethal Xcess - Level 1
  4. Star Wars - Medley
  5. World of Warcraft - Medley
  6. Synergy Megademo - Odyssey
  7. A prehistoric tale - Title
  8. Cuddly Demos - Main menu
  9. Harry Potter - Main theme
  10. Astaroth - Game over

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