Erik "ES" Simon Jochen "Mad Max" Hippel Udo "-ME-" Fischer
25 17 24
Place of dwelling/ nationality:
Gütersloh, German Kirchheimbolanden, German Gütersloh, German
Favourite food:
Curry Chicken Pizza, all sizes Lasagna
Worst food:
Spinache Linsensuppe Spinache
Favourite drink:
German Wine Cola All that is liquid
Worst drink:
Beer Jägermeister Afri-Cola
Favourite films:
Last Unicorn, Blues Brothers Ghostbusters, Blind Date Blues Brothers
Favourite TV programs:
Star Trek (Old!) "Die Zwei" Star Trek
Worst TV programs:
Commercials Dallas Dynasty
Favourite book:
Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, Dragonriders
of Pern by Anne McCuffrey, Hitchiker's Guide,
How to make an Anchor out of your Amiga by TCB
Spellsinger by A.D. Foster SF & Fantasy
Worst book:
Amiga DOS Programming Tokyo Telephone Book ST Intern (First Edition)
Music tastes:
Led Zeppelin, Manfred Mann, Jethor Tull,
Rob Hubbard
Lynyrd Skynyrd, J.M. Jarre Blues, Jimi Hendrix
Worst music:
Stock-Aitken-Waterman Heavy Metal Disco
Drivin' my bike ST (NEWS), Computer-music, sleeping, eating, being lazy Work peacefully behind a computer
Militarism Traitors, dogs Double work
Previous/ current computers owned:
C-64, ST, PC Engine, Amiga C-64, ST, Amiga, Casio FX-850P C-64, ST
Favourite games:
Archon, Backlash, R-Type, Ultima, Bubble Bobble,
Sentinel, Hard Drivin'
Midi Maze Ultima, Tetris, Shanghai, Zynaps
Worst games:
Sooo many, don't have the space Graffity Man Down at the Trolls
What is the thing that most annoys you about the software industry:
Untrustworthy people + companies Much to much rubbish is produced Nothing
Ultimate ambition:
Setting pixels Sleeping 24 hours a day Writing a nice role-playing game
What do you like about yourself:
Being tall & having a beard Being lazy Being lazy
What do you hate about yourself:
Eating too much Nothing Being lazy
Most brilliant piece of software on the ST:
Union Demos, Spectrum 512, NeoChrome TFMX, K-SEKA K-SEKA
Game designer + graphic artist at Thalion Pupil Mathematical-scientifical assistant
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This text was published in the Atari ST diskmag "ST News" and is used by kind permission of Richard Karsmakers. Source for this article: