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There's no doubting that No Second Prize is the best polygon motorbike game out. The trouble is, though, it can be a touch too hard when the season begins to hot up and the riders start jostling for the Number One spot. We reckon that it's about time someone helped you through the racing calendar and here, courtesy of Erik Simon, Thorsten Mutschall and Christian Jungen (the No Second Prize team), are some tip-top tips...

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Additional hints (by Hektik of Supremacy in Deviant Designers #10)

Additional hints (by members of the Lemon Amiga Forum and English Amiga Board)

Hints for track #1 - Paul Ricard

Do you have any hints for the two corners I've highlighted on the right? I always break for them both. I was wondering whether it's possible to do them any other way, and also what kind of upside there is for using manual gears (in terms of seconds per lap).
  • For the first one (top-right) you have to break a little, I usually get around it with a speed somewhere between 270-290 km/h. For the second one (bottom-left), start as far right on the track as possible and flat out. Start breaking a fraction after the sign appears (indicating the left turn), turn as sharp as possible (you'll have to learn the timing) and around the apex of the corner (halfway through the hairpin) floor it. If done right you should come out of the corner (by the time you straighten up) with a speed around 290 km/h or better.

The main advantage of manual gears is better acceleration because you can rev each gear to maximum before shifting. So on tracks with corners that require shifting down gears you can maintain a higher speed and reach top speed faster on exit. (members of the Lemon Amiga Forum and English Amiga Board)

Hints for track #2 - Chiswick

Hints for track #6 - Tetbury

Hints for track #7 - Cadwell Park