Interview with Ute Welty


Hi Ute, please tell our readers outside Germany, who don't know you, something about your person.

I'm 26 years old, born in the sign of capricorn, 178 cm tall, shoe size 40 and I have red-coloured hair at the moment, but this may change again soon.

Please tell us your favourite musicgroups, singers, movie, meal, book...

Musicgroups: Jeremy Days, Stoppok, Earth, Wind & Fire, Eurythmics
Singers: Prince, David Bowie, Julee Cruise
Movies: Wild at heart, The big easy, Tampopo
Meal: Fish, delicious sauces, artichokes
Books: "Die Nebel von Avalon", all books from Stephen King and crime stories

What do you prefer to do in your spare-time?

I like reading trashy literature, sleeping, eating in small good-natured restaurants, skiing, going for a walk, rummaging.

Is there any place, where you'd like to live or to spend your holidays?

It doesn't matter where, important is that I spend four weeks continously.

Which living or deceased person would you like to meet (or have met)?

Alive: David Bowie, Prince, Peter Glaser
Dead : The father of my boyfriend

What do you think of computergames?

Shall I write a novel here, or what? No, seriously: I like computergames as much or less as common games, but as I ain't the biggest gamefan, I don't like playing cards or draughts; my family always wanted me to play "Doppelkopf" (horrible!). Anyway, I regard it as a bit critical, taking the technical aspect into consideration. How will it be in the future, how dangerous might it become? I think, computergames especially attract people, who are less communicative, more introverted. This may, but need not, mean that these people will get serious problems later. In my opinion it is for sure that the computer doesn't improve the community, but I also think that it is typical for the Central Europeans to be sceptical on everything.

Please tell us about your career and your future aims.

In 1983 I began studying theater, science of arts and science of film and TV in Bochum (Germany). In 1986 I made my practical studies at the German TV guide "Gong" in Munich. Afterwards I made my first experiences in radio business at "Radio Gong 2000". In 1988 I began presenting TV and radio shows. My further aims are to improve myself.

How long do you usually work on one of these "Highscore" shows?

That's differing; the editorial staff is working nearly continously for "Highscore", because the reports on some subjects need a lot of work to finish. My work on "Highscore" begins one week before the show: First talks to Peter Helling, we have to agree about the subjects we want to talk about in our show, we have to watch films, prepare the interviews, talk to guests, write our texts. The next step is talking to our managemant. Together with Peter Ristau we talk about how to present our show.

At the day of broadcasting the show, most of our staff has to begin work at 12:00 o'clock pm, but a lot of them are early, e.g. the guys who are responsible for the stage start at 7:00 o'clock in the morning.

What's your job when you aren't in front of the camera and are presenting "Highscore"?

I try studying. On the other hand I still do a lot of radio shows, mainly for "Radio Dortmund". The people working at the music department are the loveliest I know. I do reports and interviews for a show aimed at teenagers called "Trallafitti" and I present a culture magazine called "Funkbude am Samstag" on Saturdays. I also present some free productions on occasion, e.g. an Amiga video tutorial called "Megabrain" or a discussion.

Thanks for answering my questions, Ute.

Corruption #8 (1990)