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There rarely comes a game that is both original and interesting. Most games are just old ideas under new guises. Eventually everyone gets fed up with these tried and tested genres. It's at times like these that games such as Atomix breathe new life into the marketplace. It is very rare that a game requiring a high degree of thought, concentration and skill can become popular. Atomix by Thalion (and distributed in the UK by Grandslam before they folded) has proved that it is possible. The game is wonderfully addictive and contains more than its fair share of strategic elements. It's one of those games that you know you can complete - but you never actually do. And that's exactly why Atomix has been chosen for the RAZE tip treatment...
Level one is by far the easiest level to complete - only time is against you. This molecule can be placed almost anywhere on the screen.
Level two is slightly harder, there are less places on the screen that will accommodate the molecule. If you look at the screen, you'll probably see that there are other places where the molecule could be formed, but it is much easier to complete it the RAZE way!

The start of level two: Work out where to build it... Stop the atoms at the wall... Position the centre one first...
ST Format · issue 13 · August 1990
Move the others around it... Position the chosen atom... Eureka - You've done it!  
Level three is much easier than it looks. Just leave the molecules in roughly the same place they originally appear and you should be okay (famous last words).
Level four is where the game begins to get harder. If you have a look at the guide you will note how we actually completed the level. Nearly all of the molecules rebound or play some part in the positioning of another molecule.
Level five can be really hard, especially if it's the first time you've been on this level. There is only one place on the screen where the molecule can be placed, unfortunately it does require quite a bit of thought and effort to finish the level. If you look towards the bottom lefthand side of the screen, you can see an enclosed area, this is where the molecule must be made. It is required that all the molecules are moved to this area before building can commence. After several attempts, you finally reach a point where the molecule looks half correct.
Always decide exactly where you wish the molecules to be placed before actually moving them. Plan where you wish to assemble the molecules, then work out how you are going to get them there. When you've decided, move them bit by bit, don't try to do them all at once because you'll only get confused.

RAZE November/ December 1990



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