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Ambermoon is an exciting new role playing game from Thalion Software which will be released on the Amiga at the start of 1994. It is the sequel to the highly acclaimed Amberstar. The development of Ambermoon has taken over seven person-years, ensuring that it easily surpasses its predecessor and firmly takes its place at the front of the Amiga rpg market. Ambermoon comes on 9 (!) disks and will give you an intense playing experience lasting weeks or months. Not because it's hard, but because it's big! Right till the end there will be new twists and surprises and new graphics and music for you to discover. Now we will take you on a quick tour to show you why we believe Ambermoon is the best rpg on the Amiga. Ambermoon features a complete two dimensional graphics system which is used to display the interiors of houses and buildings in 32-colour graphics.

Ambermoon contains a complex story telling system which makes rich interaction possible and creates involving events, dialogues and encounters. Here you see an example of a dialogue with one of the more outlandish persons inhabiting the world of Ambermoon.

Not everything in Ambermoon takes place in houses or dungeons. There is an entire world for you to explore, with many different terrain types and hidden corners. And there's more than just one world...

Additional to the two dimensional system, Ambermoon also contains a revolutionary real-time texture-mapping system allowing you to move freely through three-dimensional cities and dungeons. Here are some pictures of the cities you will visit in Ambermoon.

And here is one of the many dark and dangerous dungeons which you will explore in Ambermoon...

To make navigation in the dungeons and cities of Ambermoon easier, you have access to a sophisticated automapper, which draws a map as you go along and even allows you to return quickly to places you visited before.

In Ambermoon you will regularly find hidden chests filled to the brim with treasures, weapons and magical artefacts.

The entire user interface of Ambermoon has been re-designed and fine-tuned to ensure that it is as intuitive as possible. Allowing you to meet the challenge of solving the game instead of the challenge of trying to make it do what you want. Ambermoon can be controlled entirely by mouse, and keyboard short-cuts are available for the experienced player.

Here is the inventory screen where you determine what each character in your party wears and carries around in his or her backpack.

Although Ambermoon is not a "hack and slash" rpg where you have to fight monsters every step of the way, when you explore gloomy dungeons you will regularly encounter inhabitants who are less than enthusiastic about your presence, and who express their views using swords, claws and teeth!

Combat in Ambermoon is not executed in real-time where the person who can hit the mouse-button the fastest wins. It is a tactical affair requiring thought as well as daring and bravery. Combat is displayed using real-time zooming. All monsters are drawn in 32 colours and are stunningly animated. Each combat spell has its own special effect.

We believe playability is more important than size. However, we are still quite proud of the size of Ambermoon. It contains:

  • 9 disks of fun and adventure

  • No fancy ray-traced animations or digitized speech!

  • 34 atmospheric pieces of music by Matthias Steinwachs

  • Over 100 magical spells and over 250 different objects

Ambermoon supports the Amiga 500, 500+, 600, 1200, 2000 and 4000. You need at least 1 MB memory when playing from floppy disk or 1,5 MB when playing from hard-disk. All additional memory is used. Special routines are included which exploit common turbo-boards and the faster processors of the Amiga 1200 and 4000. The game can naturally be installed on hard-disk.


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