Welcome to this special Power of Voice issue no. 1! It consists of an interview between me (Tim Robaszkiewicz) and one of our coolest German TV women called Ute Welty (WDR TV station). The interview was done on December 22nd, 1989.
Tim Hi Ute, please give me some short information about you.
Ute Hello. My name is Ute Welty and I'm working for a German TV station called WDR. I was born on January 11th, 1964 in Aachen. I'm not married.
Tim What are your hobbies?
Ute I like listening to music by Transvision Vamp, Bob Mould, Poems for Leila, ... My other hobbies are: Going to the cinema and reading books (my last one was ES by Steven King - very interesting).
Tim Which programs do you present?
Ute On TV I present High Score (a computer show) and on radio programs like Tralafitti, Funkbude am Samstag, Riff and Musikszene West.
Tim So you don't always work for the WDR in Cologne?
Ute No, I mainly work for Radio Dortmund.
Tim When did you present High Score for the first time?
Ute It was in December 1988.
Tim What feedback did you get?
Ute Naturally some feedback was bad, some was good - however the positive feedback is prevailing until now.
Tim What's the broadcast date of the first episode of High Score in 1990?
Ute I think it's March 31st, 1990. The show is always broadcasted every fourth Saturday.
Tim Did you get in touch with computer fans before?
Ute No, you're the first one. The director of High Score, Peter Helling, is doing things like that.
Tim So, I think you don't own a computer.
Ute No.
Tim What is your opinion about girls in the computer scene (my opinion is: More girls - more fun)?
Ute I recommend this!
Tim What are your plans for Christmas?
Ute I'll visit my father, because he is celebrating his 50th birthday on December 24th, 1989 and finally I visit my mother. Next I plan to take a holiday, because it's a very hard but funny time as a reporter.
Tim What's your destination?
Ute I think I'll be on holiday in Austria (skiing).
Tim I wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Ute Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you, too.
I hope you have enjoyed this little interview. Bye, bye!
Das Originalinterview ist in der Szene nicht unumstritten (siehe Sex 'n' Crime #11 + #16), sodass ich nach teilweiser Korrektur der englischen Übersetzung die anzüglichen Bemerkungen entfernt habe. Der übrige Inhalt des Interviews ist nach dem Abgleich mit anderen Quellen jedoch weitestgehendst plausibel.