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Sendung vom 29.04.1989

After the first TV show of "Highscore" was sh**, this one was really great! It was a live show which could be watched at WDR (this is a small regional TV program in West Germany) on April, 29th1989. The first change one recognized soon was the change of the audience. No guys from Venlo showed up this time. The show started religiously: A monk sat before a C64 and praised god for it! Although it might be OK for some freaks I personally didn't like it because it was a sort of blasphemy and not a proper topic to joke about. Ute Welty, the TV presenter, thought like me and said that this is "perverse" and only possible under the sun of California.

Next we got bored with the "Highscore Game". What a f***! The winner was Dieter (green)... harhar! Yeah, it was over! Next we got impressed by "Ultimate Battle", a cool game by Oliver Schmid. One could only see the title screen and that was perfect. After Ute said: "Goodbye, Olli", the freaks of WDR showed a small interview with the programmer of Leisure Suit Larry, Al Lowe. "Direct import from the USA"... not as cheap as the rest of "Highscore" (this was laughing-stock)!

Dr. Scholz was the next guest. He was interviewed live (!) by Ute. Guess what: I sat next to her and enjoyed her funny, little jokes (I hope you also enjoyed mine, Ute!). Anyway, it was very interesting. Dr. Scholz told every computerfreak to open the windows when sitting behind the monitor for a longer time. If I were you, I would follow this recommendation because of sh**** gases (I don't remember the names... sorry) which f*** you down! Do it guys!

Do you know Muriel Tramis? No? Well, she is programming for Coktel Vision which is a French software company. As she is very popular, they invited her for an interview (her new game: "Legend of Djel") and for playing against Dieter, the winner of the first game. They were forced to play "California Games". BMX was it! Dieter won (no problem as Muriel had been playing badly) and was handed the golden disc (quite cool I think).

The show must go on, right? No, because it was already over (who shouted: "What a luck."?). Anyway, we liked it this time. The next show will be in June. Next time I hope to see some cool guys from the scene again.

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Gunnar of Blasters in Smasher #4


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Sendung vom 24.11.1990

The show started at 6:30 o'clock pm on Saturday, 24.11.1990, but Peter, Magic Man and I (Gotcha) already arrived at 2:30 o'clock pm, because we were invited to take part in the show as it was said that we would be one of the winners in their demo competition. OK, we knew we would be the first on C-64, but there also was Red Sector on the Amiga with their "Cebit '90" demo and if you know this production, you can imagine that we didn't expect to have a chance...

So, we were introduced how, where and when we had to walk, stand or talk during the show - hard work for a non filmstar! (ehem...) Anyway, we observed all their commands and tried to act well. We, that means: The programmer of the "Cebit '90" demo by Red Sector, me, Gotcha for Crazy with "That's design" and a Postman for the Atari ST, who dared to come. If you'd seen his demo, you would understand, uurghh!

The show began and for me it was a clear-cut immediately, that we would take the second place. Our first act on camera was, when the demo was introduced to the spectators. Yes, you were able to see "Herbertzan" on TV! (I wonder if they recognized it as an anti demo?!) Every demo was shown on TV, obviously not in its whole length, but our demo was shown longest of 'em all, ha! We had to leave the audience (live show!) and walk over to the TV presenter Ute Welty and present the demo. Puh, I remember the feeling being in a spotlight for the first time, yuk! OK, everyone got a box full of new, really new software and had to take a seat again.

After their lame programme, near the end of the broadcast, the winner of the demo competition (covering all computers) was announced, who would take the first prize - a [386*] PC used for coding "Leisure Suit Larry" by Al Lowe worth $4,000! Well, at least that was the price the Highscore staff payed for it.

So we stood in a row: The Red Sector freak on my left and this funny Postman on my right, who always said: "I hope this will be over soon.". Then, Ute opened the envelope, which contained the winner's name. Image my surprise and the feeling of hearing your name on TV, uuuuuh... and I never thought we might win! No really, I don't understand it up to this day, but one thing I'm proud of is, that we won against the Atari ST (shit) and even the Amiga! It's a good feeling! The PC naturally is fine, too! hehe..

Now the show was over and Magic Man wanted home, because he had a headache We decided to store the PC in Peter's car and eat some fastfood at McDonalds. Guess what - the Red Sector freaks were already there, boasting around when we entered, but soon went home by train. Just imagine: They traveled a long way, expecting to win, as the Amiga would have no competitor. But what happens: The little C-64 beats the big boss Amiga, hahaha! After our dinner at McDonalds, I got a bad feeling (this time in my stomach) and we celebrated till late at night...

...and they lived happily ever after...

Gotcha of Crazy in Mamba #14
* "'Vererbung' von Interfaces", Antwort von Frank Buss vom 14.01.2007

First of all, I should tell you that "Highscore" is a German TV show. A few weeks ago they called upon a demo competition for the C-64, Amiga and Atari ST. OK!

It all started when Beate (my girlfriend) and I drove to Cologne. Just after some shopping we went to the "Highscore" studio at WDR (a German TV channel). When we both entered the studio, a lot of guys were already there, like: Gotcha, Magic Man and Tychoon of Crazy, the Red Sector bunch, Mumbo Jumbo (ex-Crazy) and Sir Tippit. Half an hour later all the other visitors entered the studio. Some of them were: Crisp of Action, Ashley of Lotus, some guys from Cyberstyle, Fear, Chaos#1, Abary and one guy from Trans-X who was in fact not that clever. He wore a group sticker (I think he mixed up a copy party with this TV show).

Well, in this show the results of the demo competition were announced. The winners were:

That's Design
by Crazy
(very good graphics)
Cebit '90
by Red Sector
(a vector demo)
Atari ST
Demo ohne Namen
by Bitmasters

Verlinkt wurde die Amigaparodie der Demo (mit Sample aus der Sendung).

(a lame demo)

Every demo was broadcasted for only a few seconds except for the Crazy demo. They showed the whole "Herbertzan" part! After this, one guy of each group (it was Gotcha for us) got a software pack including a couple of new games. And the winner was...guess who? Yes, it was Crazy (we've beaten an Amiga)! Yep, we won the original PC (it costs about $4,000) from Al Lowe which he used to code "Leisure Suit Larry II+III".

Later, we (Beate, MGM, GTA, Tychoon and me) went to McDonalds, where we met again some guys from RSI, Abary, Lotus, etc...

Happy Deff signing off.

Deff of Crazy in Shock Papermag #5