Walkthrough (Excerpt)

written April - July, 1999 by Michael Böhnisch


1. Exploring your home

You start your quest at home in the sleeping room of your grandfather. He is in his bed, deadly sick. Say "HELLO" to him and listen what he's got to say. Your first task is to fetch some of the old equipment of your grandpa from the cellar of the house. But first you should prepare yourself - even the cellar of the house you live in is not without dangers. There is a wardrobe at the northern wall of your grandpa's sleeping room. Open it and you'll find a robe, a pair of leather shoes, a buckler, 6 healing potions II, 3 healing potions III and 3 potions of cure poison. Take everything out and wear the clothes. You can discover some other armour in your own room, but the things of your grandfather are better. There is a locked chest near the eastern wall of the room. Ignore it for now, you need a special key to open it. Now go south, then east and into the entry hallway. On the northern wall, east of the door hangs a magical picture. Take it and use it. It will provide you with a view that permanently indicates day and night on Lyramion's surface - even if you are deep in some dungeon. Located to the east of the hallway is your own sleeping room. The wardrobe at the northern wall contains clothes, a pair of sandals and a hat. Take out the hat and wear it. The chest to the east holds 2 lockpicks, a rope and 37 gold coins. Take out a single lockpick and leave the rest. Head back for the hallway and go north to the dining room. A book shelf to the west has the Book Of Arachnids. Get and read it, it contains a hint how to handle a certain kind of spider's web. The cupboard at the north wall contains a set of silver cutlery. Leave it there for the moment, later you can sell it and get some money to buy better weapons and armor. Put the book into the cupboard. Once you have read the hint, there is no need to burden yourself with it any more. Go west into the kitchen. A cupboard near the north-western corner holds two knives, a dagger and 15 rations of food. Take out the dagger only and ready it. To the west of the kitchen there is a small storage room. The baskets here contain 6 rations and 5 torches. Take all of it and use a torch. This is a good opportunity to save the game for the first time. You're ready now to overcome the lurking horrors of your grandpa's cellar!


2. Grandfather's cellar

Go down the stairs and follow the passage first east, then south. You'll find a square-sized room with doors to the east, the south and to the west. Don't bother if you encounter a small spider at the ceiling or running around on the floor. These small ones won't harm you - probably they feel more fear than you do. (At least that's what my mommy kept telling me when I was little. Check the number of legs you own before you enter my room, though. Chances for survival are low if your count exceeds two.)

It's easy to loose orientation in the 3-D dungeons if you're not used to the steering. Simply use the map gadget whenever you're not sure of your location.

A well can be found in the centre of the room. Do not touch it yet! Pass the east door and discover a short sword in the south east corner of the adjacent room. Ready it and keep your dagger in your backpack. Unfortunately your inexperienced hero is a bit clumsy and tends to break his weapons when using them. Try to always have some replacement in store. Go back to the room with the well and have a look at it. Isn't there something moving beyond the water surface? Try to grab it and stir up a deadly, dangerous pond lizard! This vicious beast horrendously darts at you and attacks! It is one feet and some inches long - at the very least!!! Defend your ankles, fight for your life and finish the monster off. Congratulations! You just killed the first in a long row of opponents in the adventures to come. Be sure to take the tasty remains of the lizard with you (two rations of food). Some supply of food always is handy to have. During a rest your character needs one ration to regain health after a fight. If you broke your sword or your robe during the fight, this is very bad news right now and hard to take. There are some more fights to win until there is a opportunity to get equally suited replacement. You might as well reload your saved game and retry the fight for a better result. Also, this is the main reason why should save your game now and after any further melee if everything went well. Make this a habit until you are sure of a reasonable supply of equipment. Later in the game the danger to break some invaluable equipment becomes smaller gradually. Of course, if you feel this is cheating, you may as well show you have the guts to continue without reloading after such an accident. Be sure of my deep respect. Now go through the west door and head north. You'll get attacked by a big spider but you should be able to handle the fight. The room you just entered holds 2 potions of cure poison, 5 potions of healing I and a potion of healing II. Go to the west into a food storage room. Yummy! 39 rations of food just for you alone! Go back to the door to the well room but do not pass it. Instead follow the passage to the south. After a bend to the west, pass a door south and your way is blocked by a spider's web. Simply walk through it, it's easily ripped, just to be attacked by another big spider. Follow the passage until another web is in your way. This one is not as easy to destroy as the first one. Save your game now! The next fight is quite tough and there is a good chance of not surviving it. As an option you may well ignore the web for now and return here later. If you decide for heroism now, you have to find a way to destroy the web. Do you remember the hint from the Book of Arachnids? Stand right in front of the web and use a torch. The web will burn up and a big spider and a poison spider will attack you. As a hint for the fight, use a healing potion if your health drops below 5 points, concentrate on one enemy first and finish him off before attacking the next one. The poison spider will cast some intoxication spells on you first (with a very moderate success rate). If you get poisoned, ignore this for now. Use a potion of cure poison after the fight to cure the condition. As a reward you get a nice dose of 65 experience points and you find a chest in the north-west corner of the spider's lair. Use the lockpick on the chest and collect as many items as you can carry. The contents of the chest is quite impressive:



The scrolls with white letters are for healers, the blue coloured ones are alchemist's scrolls, the yellow ones hold mystic knowledge and the black ones have inscriptions of destructive powers. Close windows and lock your door before using them. In a single, continuous stroke draw a thirteen-pronged star to the floor. Place a black coloured, cursed candle into each of the corners. Dance three times around the freshly chopped head of a rabbit. Anti-clockwise. Incant the words for calling a major demon. If you now sense a strange odour you just created a good opportunity to change your pants. To be honest, the scrolls are not of much use for you now. Keep them in store in your house, though. Later you and your companions can learn spells written on them to aid thee in your quest. Note that character class restricts which scrolls you are able to use. Some classes can read scrolls only, not learn the spells, a feature that might help in desperate situations. Fighters can't use them at all.

Most probably you cannot carry that many items. Transport as much as you can back to your room up in the house, put the scrolls and ropes into a chest, cupboard or other container. Return here and pick up the rest. Now go back to the room with the well and go through the south door. In the south-east corner of the room you will find 6 torches. To the north-west there are 13 sling stones. There is a door to the south. Pass it and follow the passage up to a wall with a riddle mouth. Talk to the mouth and tell him the code word "WINE", just as your grandfather instructed you. The wall with the mouth will vanish and allow passage to the east, then north. A sign next to the door you now see indicates that you are about to enter the wine cellar of your grandpa. Go in and collect the 27 sling stones found on the west side. The north wall has a button. Touch it using the "hand" gadget and a wall opens to the west, just to release another big spider. Kill the creep and climb down the ladder to...